This is a site that I put together to share things that I find interesting, whether written by me, or other posts from other sites. I hope the site will cause you to have more questions than answers, as I have found that “answers” are a dime a dozen. That and I “exploded” my goingtoecuador.com site. I’m hoping I can knock out a few birds with this site as it will have my rantings regarding politics, observations, sharing of beliefs, and what ever else I decide to demonstrate my ignorance about.

Just a bit of history on me. Born in St. Louis, MO, raised in Kansas, Associate of Technology (Environmental Protection Technology) degree from Kansas Technical Institute (Kansas State University), Bachelor of Science (Construction Management) degree from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, College of Engineering. Married in 1972, which was a disaster. Married the second time in 1984, and which I still am. My politics have shifted from “Conservative Republican Party” to the “It Doesn’t Matter They’re Going to Screw You Party”. Meaning I no longer have any confidence in our elected (that’s funny) leaders to lead our country across the street, let alone back to a position as Champions of the World.

I currently live in Ecuador and have for the last 2 1/2 years. I have found Ecuador to be a wonderful country, with a rich cultural heritage, warm people, great fresh food (particularly produce, which we should all eat more of), fantastic climate and total tranquility.

My español is nothing to write home about, but I get around just fine and have many conversations with the wonderful folks here. As I said above, I’ve been here 2 1/2 years and have had no problems at the Mercado buying food to survive, therefore my Spanish must be workable. That and I can point in 37 languages.

The only two things that are really troublesome are 1) conducting “official” business (banks, immigration, utility companies… or any other business that is a pain in the ass to conduct in either English, or Spanish) and, 2) talking on the phone in Spanish. The language is spoken from the front of the mouth (Anglo-Saxon, is spoken from the middle of the mouth and the tongue has a much larger roll and Slavic/Mediterranean languages are spoken from the back of the mouth). Point being that I use the visual cues I get from watching a person’s mouth when they speak Spanish. Ergo, dealing on the phone are difficult. Then throw in the various regional accents of the various countries in Central and South America (you know… kind of like somebody from Oregon talking to a New Yorker, or Gator hunter in Mississippi) and… well, you get the point.


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